Safety Production Month series activities - Group safety knowledge competition


June is the 22nd national "Safety production Month", on the afternoon of June 17, Guosheng Group organized a safety knowledge competition with the theme of "Everyone speaks safety, everyone can respond to emergencies".

The competition has four types of questions, including required questions, quick answer questions, team questions and audience questions, covering production safety laws and regulations, life safety knowledge and post safety procedures.

There are total four teams of group companies  participate in the competition, the teams have fierce competition, staged a wonderful brain and speed competition. After more than an hour of fierce competition,  finally Zhike 2 group won the crown.

Li Jun, director of the Safety Committee of the Group, conducted an in-depth analysis of the causes of the accident through real cases, and put forward suggestions for preventing similar accidents combined with the actual situation of the company. He said that the purpose of organizing this knowledge competition is to promote learning, mobilize the enthusiasm and consciousness of employees to learn safety knowledge, and test the effectiveness of early safety training, so that everyone in the process of participation in the continuous consolidation of learning results.

In the next step, the Group will take this safety knowledge competition as an opportunity to promote the use of learning, establish a firm sense of the bottom line, promote the safety culture, and carry out a series of safety month activities and exercises to effectively transform the learning results into the work of promoting safety development.