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1999 With more than 20 years of industry experience


Nantong Guosheng Intelligence Technology Group (hereinafter referred to as Guosheng Group) owns several subsidiaries including Guosheng Intelligence Technology, Guosheng Precision Machinery, Guosheng Machine Components, Dawei Precision Technology, Chelsea, S.leading and SLW.MT etc.

Guosheng Group, as one of the top 30 enterprises and the top 10 enterprises with comprehensive economic benefits in China Machine Tool Industry Association, and the “Professional, Refinement, Unique and Innovation” Small Giant Enterprise in Jiangsu Province, has formed three series of products along the machine tool industry chain: equipment parts, CNC machine tools, and intelligent automation production lines, which are widely used in precision molds, mechanical equipment, automobiles, new energy and other fields, to meet the personalizes needs of users and provide integrated solutions for metal cutting in different application scenarios.

Relying on effective integrated intelligent manufacturing solutions and “high-precision, high- speed, high-efficiency, high stability” products. The company supplies precision sheet welding parts or castings for global leading intelligent manufacturing equipment enterprises, such as Canada’s famous injection molding machine brands and America’ famous construction machinery brands. And continues to provide intelligent production equipment and services for Sany Heavy industry, Hangke Technology, Yisen Mold and other domestic excellent manufacturing enterprises.

In the future, the company will continue to conform to the development direction of the country’s strategic emerging industries and a new round of industrial upgrade trends, actively organize technological breakthroughs, and increase its core technology areas in CNC machine tools, such as error control, reliability, secondary development and optimization, etc. R&D investment, quickly promote the product to large-scale, intelligent, complex, multi-axis development. At the same time, focus on the development of core components and further strengthen the market competitiveness by increasing the self-sufficiency rate.

The company has a clear technological development path. On the basis of consolidating the metal cutting machine tool business, it accelerates the layout of the metal forming equipment industry with laser and multi-axis micro-hole electrical discharge machining as its representative products, and strives to provide integrated solutions for metal processing from metal cutting Shanghai Smart Workshop Builder upgrades and contributes to the in-depth integration of China’s informatization and industrialization to achieve the set goal of “Made in China 2025”.