Stick to the original heart and forge ahead -- the 22nd anniversary celebration of Guosheng


In May, everywhere is full of vitality, we ushered in the 22nd anniversary of the establishment of Guosheng . Looking back on the past, we have been moving forward side by side for 22 years, adhering to the main business of intelligent manufacturing, maintaining the spirit of craftsmanship, and strengthening the original heart. Although we know the road ahead is stumbling, but never hesitate. During twenty-two years , we use hard work to overcome difficulties, use integrity to win trust,  use innovation to promote development, use quality to create value, all the staff work together along the way, witness the growth of Guosheng Group.

Craftsman spirit is precious, always uphold the craftsman's heart, create high quality products is our commitment and responsibility. In the afternoon of the factory anniversary, the Group held a "regain the artisan heart" staff symposium, more than 60 representatives of new employees, young employees and gold medal employees participated in the discussion. They shared their experiences of exploration and research in their respective jobs, and their simple and unpretentious language expressed their original intention of always adhering to meticulousness and excellence.

Gold medal employees and diamond employees are practitioners of artisan spirit, which should be solidified in the system, internalized in the heart, and externalized in action, and set an example for future generations of young employees. All Guosheng people will integrate the spirit of craftsmanship into product manufacturing and technological innovation, make unremitting efforts and constantly tackle key problems, continue to enhance the company's core competitiveness, and polish the Guosheng brand.

In recognition of employees' continuous dedication and dedication to the company, the Group customized the 10-year gold medal and the 20-year diamond employee medal, which were personally awarded by Chairman Pan Weiguo and General Manager Wei Xiaohu. These medals are the testimony of time, recording their wonderful years of selfless dedication and hard work in Guosheng, and also inspiring more new employees to shine on this platform and realize their ideals and values.

Pan Weiguo, chairman of Guosheng, delivered a speech to thank all employees for their persistence and dedication. The dinner was warmly opened in the toast of Guosheng colleagues.

The scene is filled with bright lights and cheerful and festive atmosphere everywhere. With the introduction of the hosts again and again, wonderful songs are sung in turn, interspersed in the small game segment of the program, which makes the scene surprise and laughter constantly.

"To become a competitive manufacturer of intelligent equipment in China" is the vision of Guosheng, and it is the driving force for all Guosheng people to move forward. In the future, Guosheng people will be fearless of difficulties, move forward hand in hand with the attitude of striver, walk into the heart of customers with  more solid and steady pace, and continue to contribute Guosheng strength to the development of the industry!