Military training activities for new staff of Guosheng Group


In order to make the new employees familiar with the company's system and process as soon as possible, integrate into the Guosheng culture, establish the collective consciousness, and further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of their own work, recently, Guosheng launched a new staff one year into the military training activities.




The autumn breeze is gentle and the sun is shining brightly. The team members gathered and welcomed the military training in a vibrant and orderly queue. Under the instructions of the instructor's loud command, each queue completed a series of movements such as standing in a standard posture, resting, standing at attention, turning back, and walking in unison, showcasing the demeanor of the new employee with a neat formation, loud slogans, a positive and serious attitude, and a full mental state.




This military training activity, can not only improve the physical quality of employees, deepen the understanding of the company's corporate culture for new employees, but also help to improve the staff's self-restraint ability, work implementation and execution. Laying a solid foundation for new employees to complete the role transformation as soon as possible, and to grow with the enterprise, common progress.