Guosheng Group organized the 2022 employee skill level recognition examination


In order to improve the skill level of employees and strengthen the construction of talent team, recently, Guosheng Group organized the employee vocational skill level recognition examination. This examination covers 8 types of work, 5 levels, divided into two parts: theory and practical operation. A total of 216 employees signed up for this examination.




Before the theoretical examination, the leaders of each group carefully wrote the test questions and optimized the assessment plan based on the past assessment experience. The examination process is serious and orderly.




In the process of practical operation examination, each student answered and operated one by one according to the requirements of the selected papers. The chief technician leaded the invigilator, carefully recorded whether each operation step of students was standard, and scored each student's operation item by item.




After the examination, the workshop leader organized a review and training of the examination content. Guosheng Group has always attached great importance to the improvement of professional quality and skill level of employees. Through the examination of skill level recognition, the development channel of skilled personnel is smooth, the training system of talent team is built, and a team of application-oriented skilled personnel with solid theory, outstanding practical ability and excellent professional quality is built, so as to provide strong talent backing for the company to achieve high-quality development.