Safety never stop| Guosheng Group emergency drill activities review special


In order to further improve the risk awareness of employees to cope with emergencies, master emergency knowledge and disposal skills, since June, Guosheng has carried out a number of emergency drill activities according to local conditions. Let's review it together!

01 Special emergency plan drill in limited space

This emergency drill simulates the staff cleaning the sewage treatment tank, and the staff sudden shock during the operation, and the corresponding emergency plan measures taken in the face of such an emergency situation. During the exercise, the on-site teams cooperated closely, and the exercise was carried out in an orderly manner, which enhanced the staff's emergency response ability, tested the emergency plan, and improved the staff's production safety awareness.

02 Dangerous goods warehouse fire accident drill

The main purpose of the fire emergency drill in the hazardous chemical warehouse is to improve the emergency handling ability of the warehouse management personnel in the actual work of fire, master how to quickly and effectively implement the alarm, isolation, rescue and other actions, and minimize the damage and loss caused to personnel and the environment.

Through the actual combat simulation, the warehouse manager is familiar with the emergency operation that should be mastered, and the staff's safety risk prevention awareness and emergency escape self-rescue ability are further enhanced.

03 Special equipment accident emergency rescue drill

The safety staff of the company trained the employees before the exercise. During the exercise, the emergency command personnel and the participants were able to make accurate and rapid response to the occurrence of the accident, and each performed his duties with rapid action and coordination. The emergency measures can be effectively put in place and achieve the expected effect.

04 Staff dormitory escape drill

In order to improve employees' safety awareness and escape skills, and maximize the safety of employees' lives and property, the company organizes and carries out dormitory fire emergency evacuation drills, further strengthens the safety education of lodging employees, and improves the company's ability to handle various emergencies and risks.

05 Guosheng Precision Machinery

Comprehensive (special) emergency rescue drill

Although the "safety production month" has ended, the company's confidence in safety is not reduced, the management of strengthening safety precautions is not loose, the pace of carrying out safety drills is non-stop, everyone gathers consensus, safety work has no end, and it is always ongoing, all employees should establish safety red line awareness and bottom-line thinking, and the safety production will run through the company's core operation management. Escort the development of the company.