Celebration of 102th anniversary of the Party|The Party branch of Guosheng Group carried out the theme Party Day activities of "Learning, thinking, practicing, enlightenment, clean"


To celebrate the 102th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party ,carry forward the great spirit of party building and encourage party members to firm their ideals and beliefs, the Party branch of Guosheng carried out a series of activities to welcome "July 1" with the theme of "Learning, thinking, practicing, enlightenment, clean"

We took a visit to “cool breeze in the flat garden” incorruptible theme park in Rugao, One scene at a step, one moral at a scene, the landscape of lotus pond is integrated with the culture of incorruptibility, which means incorruptibility in landscape and education in landscape, and incorruptibility culture infiltrates people's hearts.

Through this theme Party Day activity, the sense of responsibility and mission of all party members has been further enhanced. Everyone has said that we should keep the job responsibilities, adhere to the original heart with faith, interpret the mission with action, and take on the spirit of truth and pragmatism and hard work.