Team management-the cornerstone of business administration


Team is the cell of the enterprise, team work is the foothold of all the work of the enterprise, team management is the cornerstone of enterprise management. In order to improve the management level of the company's team leader and promote and drive the improvement of the overall quality of the production personnel, Guosheng began the first lesson of the team leader training on May 8.

Chairman Pan Weiguo closely combined with the company's corporate culture, positioned the role of the team leader, and introduced the comprehensive qualities that the team leader should have in detail from the three aspects of "responsibility, execution and credibility". Combined with the problems and deficiencies in the current team management, the paper puts forward clear requirements for the management art of the team leader, hoping that the team leader can really play a good role in the link between words and deeds.

Subsequently, in the training activities, the director of the administration department of the company conducted training around the relevant systems such as "attendance, leave, entry and resignation" according to the problems in the current personnel management process, sorted out the personnel work process, let the team leader really participate in the personnel management, and promoted the team members to enhance the team members' awareness of discipline, rules and self-management. To provide a good organizational guarantee for the efficient development of the company's work.

The section chief of the safety and Environment Department of the company combined with the current safety production situation of the company, from the two aspects of "safety production laws and regulations, safety management theoretical knowledge", stressed that if there is no implementation of safety production teams, only relying on the management to ensure safety is ineffective, and hoped that the team leader must manage safety at the same time in production management, and be responsible for the people and things under his jurisdiction.

The three-month team leader training will continue to push forward, the essence of management is not in understanding but in action, its review is not in the logic but in the result, We hope that all students will apply the understanding of training to the actual team management to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of enterprise management to build every cornerstone.