Dynamic News---Recharge frontline team leaders. This training is very attentive!


In order to continue to improve the work efficiency of team leaders and further strengthen grassroots management, Guosheng Group conducted a two-month special training to improve the team leader’s abilities. On July 16th, 2023, the company hired Taiwanese senior training expert Mr. Peng Guoshu to bring to the team leaders of each branch company in the group a wonderful training with the theme“How to become an efficient team leader”.

The training was rich in content and highly targeted. Mr. Peng explained the importance of the team leader’s work in a simple and easy to understand manner with examples of training coaching. He compared management to the wind blow and grass move. The direction of the person at the helm of the company. The wind is the responsible for the execution of the grassroots managers. Movement is the actual operation of reont-line employees. Only when the wind blows does the grass move, we can see the role of the team leader’s execution ability in management work.

Teacher Peng closely focuses on the main line of team building, from the daily work management capabilities that a team leader should have, how the team leader understands his role, how the team leader becomes a communication bridge between front-line employees and leadership, the team leader increases quality awareness, and improves on-site management capabilities in four aspects. Provide theoretical lectures to teach everyone how to become efficient team leaders.

Although the course is short, it is indeed an important supply station on the road to improving the ability of team leaders. I believe that all team leaders can absorb the essence, absorb strength, and bring new ideas back to the team. Incorporate more insights into future work and give full play to the role of the leader and the tail. The company will also take this opportunity to comprehensively deepen team building, stimulate team vitality, and transform team leader trainming into powerful driving force for talent cultivation.