Feel the unique autumn charm and understand the struggling life --- Guosheng Group 2023 Gold Medal Employee Team Building Activities


The golden autumn season, when the sky is high and the clouds are clear, is a good time to climb high and enjoy the autumn scenery.

On November 5, 2023, the grouporganized ten-year gold medal employees to go to Tianping Mountain and Mudu Ancient Town in Suzhou City to feel the charm of nature and spend happy time together.

Tianping  Mountain has the best red maples in the world. In autumn, the  forest of Tianping  Mountain are dyed red. The  leaves are like fire. Walking on the mountain path, you can appreciate the miraculous workmanship of nature. During the climbing, everyone encourages and helps each other to reach the top of the mountain. What greets us is another vast and beautiful scenery, which is deeply felt. The reputation of the first mountain in Wuzhong and the scenic spot in the south of Yangtze River.

By visiting the Fan Zhongyan Memorial Hall in Tianping Mountain, we can commemorate a generation of sages and learn about Fan Zhongyan’a determination from studying hard as a boyto his noble and upright character in officialdom. His  rough life  was  full of suffering and glory, and moved and encouraged people in Guosheng to work hard for their dreams.

In the afternoon we arrived at the antique houses on cyan stone road in Mudu ancient town. The quiet river water revealed a strong historical atmosphere everywhere. We walked across stone bridge and strolled through the narrow and charming alleys, savoring the charm of Southern Yangtze water town and admiring the dazzling array of exquisite things  and feel the sediment of time.

After the trip, the gold medal employees sat together and talked about their experiences. Chairman Pan Weiguo summarized the event and placed more expectations on the gold medal employees, hoping that they would become advocates, practitioners and disseminators of Guosheng culture.

The charm of autumn is strong and the struggle is in full swing. We have faced many problems along the way, but we have grown through constant thinking and matured through constant experience, just as maple leaves become more beautiful after experiencing frost.

Times have changed, but what remains unchanged is the struggle of Guosheng people. We will continue to cross the ravine with the power of unity and moved forward firmly step by step.