Full Moon Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrates the Birthday Together --- Guosheng Group’s 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival Singing Concludes Successfully


The sky is high, the clouds are light, the affection is strong, the golden breeze is blowing, and the festival is refreshing. In order to welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Holiday, Guosheng Group held the 2023“Full mon and Mid-Autumn Festival”themed Mid-Autumn Song Party in the company’s exhibition hall on the evening of September 27th. The company’s middle and senior management and foreigners employees gathered together to spend a joyful and warm night.

Accompanied by the melodious music, the talented men came striding forward, and the beautiful women with graceful jades waved fans gently and smiled, feeling personally the splendor and charm of Hanfu. Every frown and smile, every move of their hands and feet showed off the graceful oriental aesthetics, and we went together to a cultural journey intertwined by time and space.

At the event, exciting performances such as solo singling, chorus, and dance took turns, interspersed with interactive games, which made the atmosphere high, and there were constant applause and cheers.

Mountains will not block the mid-autumn moon and Wild geese transmit family letters. The company always cares about every Guosheng family member who is on a business trip. We have connected the employees who are a business trip via video to send them a special care and blessing from them to feel the warmth and support of the company family.

At the party, colleagues who graduated from Nanjing Institute of Technology brought us the school song, the chorus of songs of national prosperity. They came from the same school, want their separate ways, and met again in Guosheng. They are alumni and colleagues who work side by side.

At the end of the event, the party members sang the song“My motherland and I”to a climax. Everyone conveyed their inner joy with full enthusiasm and expressed their deep love for the party and the country with their loud singing.

Everything under the moonlight is hometown. Chairman Pan Weiguo extends sincere holiday greetings to all colleagues and their families. He wishes everyone a happy family, happiness and health, and wishes the great motherland peace and prosperity.

The bright moon sends lovesickness. We expect the full moon. This mid-autumn festival song party not only promotes traditional Chinese culture, but also provides Guosheng employees with a platform for self-expression. It enriches the employees’ spiritual and culturak life and improves the company’s cohension. Here, Guosheng Group send the wishes of Happy Mid-Autumn and all the best to all friends and all employees.