The flexible production unit of cylinder block is formed by three vertical machining centers arranged in the form of triangle with an articulated robot in the middle. Intelligent visual identity system and automatic detection system are configured to realize flexible processing of different engine cylinder blocks and improvement of production efficiency.
The automatic production line is composed of several vertical machining centers (type: 855) by the truss manipulator, which replaces traditional roller lines and reduces labor costs. It realizes fully automatic tool processing and improves working efficiency. This production line has been used in the tool automation industry, greatly improving the completion rate of tool processing.
The production line consists of two or more horizontal machining centers, automatic high-rise warehouse and MAS management software, including processing system, material storage and transportation system, control and management system. It can increase the utilization rate of equipment and ensure the stability of product quality. At the same time, it also greatly improves production scheduling, order management and scheduling, processing material storage, tool management and so on to achieve lean automatic production.
The automatic production line consists of double Z axis truss manipulators, three vertical machining centers, handling fixtures, workpiece turning fixtures, chain lines of loading and unloading materials, safety fence and so on. The truss manipulator has fast running speed and high positioning accuracy. It is suitable for machining two workpieces at the same time. It can greatly reduce waiting time of materials, improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity of workers. This production line has been maturely used in the new energy auto parts processing industry, greatly improving the processing efficiency of spare parts.
The automatic production line is composed of several horizontal machining centers by the truss manipulator, which replaces traditional roller lines. It reduces labor costs by decreasing the number of operators from more than ten to one.
In addition to the processing characteristics of vertical machining center, mold machining center optimizes the design according to the characteristics of the mold processing industry in the configuration and structure. It can meet the requirements of high precision, high finish and low thermal extension in mold contour processing.
By means of the modern structure design methods combining the mechanical design and finite element method design, and integrating the whole machine’s thermogenic management technology and ergonomics engineering design technology, the whole machine reaches the characteristics of high rigidity, high electric rigidity, high reliability and excellent thermal stability, etc, which make the machine tool IN GMS series more suitable for the mold manufacturing.
Through the finite element analysis and the high dynamic machining concept, the machine tool has the characteristics of high speed and high precision for machining complex surface. It is widely used in aerospace, precision mold, precision measuring tool processing.
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